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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kroll Ontrack survey reveals solid state disks (SSD) and flash technology are reliable but not fool proof

More than 50 percent of respondents have experienced data loss with SSD/Flash devices
SINGAPORE – 31 August 2011 – According to a recent SSD/Flash technology use and perceptions survey, Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery, information management, and legal products and services, found that while more than 90 percent of respondents perceive SSD/Flash failure rates to be minimal and the technology to be reliable, 57 percent of respondents had experienced data loss with SSD/Flash technology. Further, three-fourths of respondents consider the recovery of data from SSD/Flash to be nearly impossible or complicated, indicating respondents are skeptical of the feasibility of SSD/Flash recovery when it is needed.

 “System area corruption accounts for 60 percent of SSD/Flash data loss, but physical damage, file system corruption, electronics failure and human error are also factors,” said Troy Hegr, Ontrack Data Recovery technology manager, Kroll Ontrack. “In the case of SSD/Flash data loss, recovery can be more complex. SSD/Flash data reside in a more scattered format on the drive as compared to traditional hard drive media where data is stored more linearly. Industry standards for data layout and organization on SSD/Flash mediums are not yet fully established, often requiring custom recovery solutions based on the specific manufacturer and model of the device. As the recognized leader in data recovery, Kroll Ontrack offers customers high success rates with SSD/Flash recovery due to its vast experience with SSD/Flash and its continual investment in research and development.”
Data storage technology is trending toward SSD both on an enterprise and consumer level. Of the more than 500 survey respondents consisting of business, home and government users, nearly 70 percent revealed that they currently use or plan to use SSD/Flash technology in the near future. This high adoption rate is likely linked to the fact that three-fourths of respondents are experiencing increased performance with SSD/Flash devices in contrast to traditional hard drive technology; and more than 75 percent of respondents believe SSD/Flash to be a safer, more robust storage technology that additionally consumes less power and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

“User perceptions of SSD/Flash storage are very much in line with the benefits outlined by SSD/Flash technology manufacturers,” explains Hegr. “The speed, reliability and power-saving benefits associated with SSD/Flash technology are appealing. Despite the many benefits of SSD/Flash technology, data loss incidents from these devices are on the rise. In fact, Kroll Ontrack has seen a 20 percent increase in SSD/Flash recovery requests over the previous year. With the industry’s most robust set of solutions, Kroll Ontrack is a trusted partner for SSD/Flash recovery.”
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This survey was conducted by Kroll Ontrack. A total of 560 online questionnaires were completed among individuals in the following categories: business user, home user and government user. Interviews were completed in the spring of 2011.

Through its Ontrack Data Recovery products and services, Kroll Ontrack is the largest, most experienced and technologically advanced provider of data recovery products and services worldwide. Using its hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques, Ontrack Data Recovery solutions help businesses and consumers recover lost or corrupted data from all types of operating systems and media and storage devices through its do-it-yourself, remote and in-lab capabilities. Kroll Ontrack offers a free initial consultation for customers experiencing a data loss.

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