Service Partner Terms

No Authority to Bind Ontrack®

Service Partner shall have no authority to bind Ontrack contractually or in any other respect unless it first receives express written authorisation of Ontrack; any offer made or contract entered into by Service Partner without such prior authorisation shall not be binding to Ontrack.

No Agency or Employment Relationship

Participation in the Service Partner Programme does not create an employment relationship or an agency relationship between the Service Partner and Ontrack. Neither Service Partner nor any of its employees shall represent itself to anyone as an employee of Ontrack. Service Partner acknowledges that its employees are not entitled to receive any employee benefits of any kind from Ontrack.

Proper Use of Service Partner Resource Materials

Materials posted in this Service Partner Centre are for the Service Partner's use in marketing the Partner's business and may not be used in such a way that a reasonable person might believe that Service Partner is part of the Ontrack organisation, for example by designing the Service Partner web site with the same look and feel as the Ontrack web sites.

Service Partner may not modify the materials made available on this site without the prior written permission of Ontrack.

Legal Notices

All Ontrack brand, product or service names or logos referenced on this web site are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Ontrack Inc and/or its parent. The information and images contained in this site are copyrighted. The Service Partner's use of these materials does not constitute a waiver of any Ontrack copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right concerning the materials.And, Ontrack may withdraw permission to use such copyrighted materials at any time but Ontrack will attempt to provide reasonable notice of its intention to withdraw permission where possible.