Service Partner Options

As a partnered provider of Ontrack® Data Recovery services, you can choose to either refer OR resell Ontrack® Data Recovery services. And we don’t limit you to just one option - you may decide on a customer-by-customer or job-by-job basis.

These options allow you to determine your level of involvement depending on your workload or desire to maintain primary contact with your customer.

Referral of Data Recovery Solutions

  • Earn commission just by sending your customers’ business to Ontrack for Ontrack Data Recovery services
  • No billing or customer service obligations for you
  • You and your customers benefit from faster service by referencing the name of your company or your partner ID

This is the ultimate option in situations where you do not want to get directly involved with burdensome customer service and project management.

Resell Data Recovery Solutions

  • Earn discounts on Ontrack Data Recovery services
  • Requires you to manage all customer service, project management and billing
  • You work directly with Ontrack throughout the process and for payment processing

This is the ultimate option if you wish to remain the sole contact or maintain full control of your customer relationship.

Compensation and Discount Details

  • Referral Payment - Your guaranteed commission shall be payable net 45 days once Ontrack receives payment for all completed data recoveries referred by your company. The commission payment is based on the cost of the data recovery service only - not including the cost of the evaluation. This commission fee will be mailed to you in the form of a check made payable to your company.
  • Reseller Discount - With this option, you invoice the customer directly according to your pricing standards. This gives you the opportunity to pass all or part of your partner discount on to your customer or charge the customer full price. Ontrack will bill you directly upon completion of the data recovery job.