Ontrack Online™ Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ontrack Data Recovery™?
Ontrack Data Recovery is the recovery industry’s largest, most experienced and technologically advanced provider of data recovery products and services. With more than 20 years of experience and 18 offices worldwide, Ontrack offers the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective data recovery solutions… anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

What types of data recovery solutions does Ontrack offer?
Ontrack Data Recovery offers free consulting and 24/7/365 global service with highly knowledgeable data recovery specialists and technical staff providing top-notch support before, during and after the recovery process.

Our wide selection of services and software allows you to choose the data recovery solution that best fits your specific needs. Ontrack offers recovery services in-lab, on-site or over an Internet connection with our patented Remote Data Recovery™ (RDR®) service. Do-it-yourself solutions are also available through our EasyRecovery™ and Ontrack® PowerControls™ software products.

How long does a data recovery job take?
Ontrack Data Recovery offers five different service levels for our remote, in-lab and on-site services. These options provide different prices and service turn-around times to accommodate every situation, urgency and budget. The amount of time needed to recover data depends on the extent of damage to the media and the size of the media. Ontrack offers data recovery services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. In other words, call us anytime!

From which types of media can Ontrack recover data?
Ontrack Data Recovery has the experience and technical expertise to handle any data recovery situation, no matter how tragic or catastrophic the circumstances. Our services and do-it-yourself software products feature the industry’s most advanced recovery tools, proprietary techniques and the best engineers in the business. So before you lose hope, contact Ontrack Data Recovery!

Trust Ontrack Data Recovery for all recoveries including:

  • Servers
  • Disk drives
  • Desktops/Laptops
  • Tape
  • Handhelds, PDAs, Digital Cameras
  • CD, DVD, other optical media
  • Flash memory, USB drives, other electronic media
  • Many, many others!

How much does data recovery cost and how do I know what I am getting back?
Data recovery is a highly technical process that requires the skills of specially trained engineers, so it can be expensive. Ontrack helps you make an informed decision about whether or not to move forward with a data recovery job. We are the only company in the industry to offer a comprehensive, pre-service evaluation that provides you with a complete, fully searchable listing of your recoverable files.

While some companies offer “free evaluations”, you will often be left guessing whether or not your files will be recovered and what your final cost will be. Our evaluation reports will show you exactly what to expect should you proceed with the data recovery process.