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Ontrack provides HP data recovery services for all models of desktops, laptops, servers, HP EVA, 3PAR, LeftHand Storages.

Ontrack's unique Remote Data Recovery ™ service is the most secure and fastest way to search for and restore the original data on a SAN's shared pool storage architecture. Whether the SAN contains file shares, volume LUNs, or iSCSI LUNs, Ontrack Data Recovery service engineers understand how data on these systems are stored and how to restore critical data when it is no longer accessible. No other company matches the specialised data knowledge of our data recovery engineers and speed of service.

In lab services combined with in-house development of custom tools means we can provide data recovery solutions for any situation and technology.

For mechanical failure cases, the whole recovery process is done in the cleanroom environment to ensure there is no further contamination to the devices while working on them.

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