Is Email Recovery possible?

The ability to recover email depends on where your messages are stored.

We create and store email in two basic ways. The first is when email is stored on hardware- laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet or server in mail software like Microsoft Outlook. The second way is when email is stored in the cloud- Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and etc. In the case of web-based emails, data is recoverable only if you are using an email application that stores messages, or backup copies, on your hardware.

Email recovery tip:

To ensure the most successful email recovery, check if you have stored web-based messages locally on your computer or mobile device.

Email Server Recovery

Email Recovery from Server

No matter how user mailboxes are stored on your server - inside a database, a Microsoft Exchange Information Store, or individual messages in separate files (such as .pst) - all email server data can be recovered by Ontrack® Data Recovery services.

TIP: Microsoft Exchange EDB’s can be restored to a live server with Ontrack PowerControls .

Email Recovery from Damaged Storage Media

Contact Ontrack as soon as possible if you have experienced a storage media failure that contains email messages. Attempts to extract the messages without professional data recovery services may results in data being irretrievable.

Data Types Email Recovery From Damaged

Data Types Email Recovery

When to use email recovery software?

Successful recovery of any email application requires that the files are stored locally on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or smartphone. If you have lost your email because of a logical issue and your hardware is functioning properly, then you can try our email recovery software products Ontrack EasyRecovery or Ontrack PowerControls.


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