Data Recovery Coverage
Get your data back

Get your data back

We all know what it's like to lose something important. Usually it's gone forever, Ontrack gives you the chance to get it back!

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Rest assured that your personal documents, photos and files are safeguarded from hard drive failure.

Most advanced data recovery clean room

Singapore's most advanced data recovery clean room

Give your data the best chance of survival with the most advanced data recovery clean room.

Data Recovery Protection Plan

Product Registration to Activate Protection Plan.

When you purchase a laptop, desktop, NAS storage device or external hard drive, you now have the option of signing up for the Ontrack Data Recovery Protection Plan for a fraction of the normal cost.

The Benefits:

  • Safe handling of your files with fast, secure and confidential data recovery.
  • Expert data recovery performed by experienced professionals in Singapore's most advanced data recovery clean room environment.

The Ontrack Data Recovery Protection Plan covers data recovery in the event that mechanical or software-related issues with your hardware results in the inaccessibility of your files. Data can be recovered from disk drives or solid state drives installed on your device.

This Service Includes:

  • One data recovery attempt for all types and brands of storage device in desktops, laptops, NAS devices and external hard drives within the coverage period. This service is on a reasonable effort basis and does not guarantee the recovery of (all) data in all cases.
  • Access to a service portal to view the status of the data recovery process and the evaluation report.
  • Read full terms and conditions.
  • Valid from data of invoice and sold through authorised Singapore distributors.

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