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Retrieve Lost Data From Failed Hard Disk Drives (HDD) With Ontrack Data Recovery Services

For the last decade, Kroll Ontrack has worked at the cutting edge of data recovery methods and file recovery for both individuals and businesses in Sydney. Due to the nature of computer storage, many essential files are stored on computer hard drives, from important business reports and customer records to digital photos and personal documents. When a hard drive crashes or is compromised, the loss of these files can be devastating for both business operations and personal equanimity.

All Brands, Models And Makes

Kroll Ontrack understands the difficulty and anguish of losing files to a bad or broken hard drive. We are uniquely qualified to resolve these hard drive issues because we actually invented data recovery 30 years ago. We have built our reputation on the recovery of files from all brands, models, and makes of hard drives globally since then, and have provided excellent data recovery services in Singapore since 2005.

One Priority

To affect this quality of service, Kroll Ontrack employs highly trained specialists in file recovery. We work continuously to lead the data recovery industry in the development of recovery tools, techniques, and protocols to guarantee the best possible outcome every time. Our investment in training, research and development is second to none, and our first and only priority is to make sure your data is recovered quickly and completely.

Professional recovery tools

  • ISO 14644-1 Class 5 Cleanroom: When a hard drive experiences a mechanical failure, dust and dirt can interfere with the recovery process, so Kroll Ontrack engineers perform recoveries from mechanical issues in a specially sanitised cleanroom.
  • Drive Imaging: To ensure the most complete recovery, all hard drives we work on are imaged to a full working environment.
  • Specialist tools: When a hard drive is damaged, that damage prevents the drive from being read. Ontrack Data Recovery has developed specialist tools that read around the damaged areas to recover the contents of the whole drive.

Please, do not try this at home

Attempting to recover data from a damaged or compromised drive on your own may damage the drive even more and lose more data. Kroll Ontrack has years of experience, research, and dedication to data recovery. The best help you can give yourself in this situation is to let us help you!

Used And Relied On By Major Brands

Ontrack data recovery services are respected and employed by computing industry leaders and are recommended and authorized by Western Digital (WD), Apple, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung and Toshiba to open hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSDs) for recovery without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. For more information we recommend to check the service pages of your hard drive’s brand or the Genius Bar at Apple retail stores.

Praise from some of our satisfied recovery clients:

Thank you so much for retrieving our data Kroll Ontrack! After hearing that it was virtually impossible to retrieve our lost data from our hard drive, we are so lucky we decided to get a second opinion! Really great service - speedy, communicative and professional.
Inside Out Magazine
82,200 files recovered, and only 10 (non-essential) files lost. Tears of relief. Awesome customer service and your engineers are obviously geniuses. Hopefully I'll never need you again, but I'll be recommending your services far and wide to those that do. Thank you!
Kroll Ontrack Sydney:

Office 101, Level 12
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North Sydney NSW 2060

Free Consultation: +65 6296 5131
Phone: +61 2 9959 1035

Getting help to recover your lost files is easy! Just follow these four steps:

  1. Free Consultation. We’ll explore the issue with you, examine the hard drive and find the solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. We’ll even offer free shipping on your damaged drive to and from our facility. We also welcome walk-ins in our office in North Sydney.
  2. Free Evaluation. After receiving your media, our Evaluation Team will assess your media and provide an expert opinion. Our Customer Service Representative will then contact you and go through the specifics of your data recovery case - they will provide you with recovery options and a fixed pricing quote. The free evaluation applies for single hard drives (HDD). Other media may have an evaluation charges.
  3. Recovery. The most important part! We will work on your hard drive in our cleanroom and recover all the files our evaluation report guarantees we’ll be able to recover. See the data recovery process in detail here.
  4. Return. As soon as the recovery is finished, we will ship your hardware back to your Sydney home or office with copies of all recovered files.